Wednesday, August 24, 2011

16 Tips for Leaf Blower Safety

!±8± 16 Tips for Leaf Blower Safety

Be aware of those around you

* Leaf blowers should be respectful to do so and according to your company and move forward.

* Do not point the fan to people or animals, when to use it. You can mix the powder or take other pieces of hazardous waste, only someone and / or can be their eyes.

* It is not a good idea, a leaf blower around are so kids can play with them to leave. This could lead to a lot of dangerous situations.


* The most important thing (with a leaf blower), wear safety glasses and hearing protection (or headphones). If outside is dry, it is also a good idea to wear a dust mask. Protect your health and well-being of the utmost importance.

* Wear long pants and long sleeves protect your skin.

* Wear close fitting clothing that can move freely and not get caught in moving parts of the fan

Use the leaf blowerProperly

* Knowing how to use the computer properly, that is, starting, stopping, and running it. He knows how to stop it immediately in case of emergency.

Leafblowers * should not be used in doors, nor should they be used while standing on a ladder or similar object.

* Do not use the fan to distribute or spray chemicals, fertilizers or other toxic substances.

* Do not change the fan or remove all security features such as ground pin orBlade guard.

* Never use a plug-in electric fan, while standing on a wet surface.

Maintenance, repair and conservation:

* Turn off the engine and let it cool before the gas more. When you add gas, unscrew the cap slowly to relieve pressure, then add the gas and then re-tighten the cap entirely at the end.

* Ensure that the proper gas / petrol mixture.

* Before any work on the fan motor and disconnect the sparkIgnition.

* Before storing your leaf blower, then let the engine cool completely.

* Clean the leaves or dirt before storing for the season.

16 Tips for Leaf Blower Safety

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